Please help! Anyone?!?

Hello I'm 28 and had a lletz a month ago to treat cin 2. My results came back cin 1 so very relieved. My issue is that I am still getting discharge and blood after a month! It's annoying and frustrating as I recently started a new relationship and would like to finally get back to being intimate with a man. Is this gonna go on for long? Also are there any "signs" it is nearing an end? Thank you! :-(


Hi Alizee,


I had just over 4 weeks of bleeding following LLETZ….It feels like it is never ending but it will stop soon. It’s just a matter of accepting it takes a while to recover. I read with some ladies it can take up to 6 weeks. I understand how frustrating it is but don’t worry about it….It’s all completely normal. Is the bleeding quite light? To be honest mine just stopped, there were no signs it was ending.xx


I only had a biopsy and cauterizing and had 3 constant weeks of discharge and blood so id expect it definitely could be even longer with lletz as thats a much more traumatic treatment. Like Vicky, mine just stopped. I wasnt expecting it to stop- id been crying to my mum the dsy before it stopped because the sanitary towels had been making me so uncomfortable so I definitely wasnt expecting it to end soon! However, even with the biopsy and cauterizing, I was told not to have sex etc for a minimum of 4 weeks and to preferably wait up to 6 weeks even if the discharge etc had stopped.