Please help :( advice needed

hi I had my lletz treatment 2 months ago for CIN3. i stopped bleeding for a week and then it came back. It's been really really dark in colour. I was given antibiotics, didn't really help though.

now I'm on my 2nd period since and i have Massive clots coming out (so sorry if tmi) ive never had anything like this before bearing in mind im a mother of 3! My doctor had a look last month and said it was healing as it should be, but why am I still having the aftermath :( I just want all of this to be over, only another 4 months and It could possibly all start again.

Do I need to go back to the doctors :( 

any advice would be greatly appriciated


I know my friend who had her lletz bled for 8 weeks but didn't have an infection she found it did get worse during her period. If you are worried though I would go to the doctors. I bled alot after my lletz too and ended up back in hospital xxxx