Please help - 2 different opinios from the doctors

Hi ladies,
Short: 39 year, CC, stage 1B2, lymph node clear, LVSI present radical histerectomy in 06 March, all out including ovaries + 54 lymph nodes removed all clear.

I had today the appoiment for radio chimio, next week I will start. Because I am obsessed about this type of SCC grade 3 and also about the marker KI-67 that in my case is really high I go also for a second opinion. In this moment I don’t know what to do because the opinions are different:

  1. my team, my firts team of doctors, told after histerecmy radical, with clear lymph nodes, they removed 54 lymph nodes, with LVSI present + grade3 they told me to do radio+chimio ciplastin
  2. the second opinion told me to do radio+chimio ciplastin and after this treatment to do 6 session of chimio taxo+carbo, the hard chimio. The oncologist doctor told me because is KI-67 high positive on the tumor cells this means a really agressive tumor and means that in one year/2 year or maybe more you will have metastase. And she told me if you want to live you need to do the second round of chimio.

I feel that from stage 1B2, with lymph node clear, with radical histerectomy including ovaries out, I am in a such a bad situation.

I don’t know what to do…
Someone had the same situation ?

Thank you a lot

Hi! I’m post treatment from stage 2b. I had hyster, then chemo radiation (cisplatin). I would do whatever gives you the best chances of no recurrence! I haven’t heard much about ki-67.

Hi Kelly, KI-67 is a marker that can be determinate if the doctors are doing also the IHC test for tje tumor, not only the hystopatologic, in my case they did 5 IHC test for 4 markers: p40, p16 to show the correlation with HPV, p53 and ki-67. If you try to find on google you will can find more info about KI-67.
Thanks a lot because you answer me :hugs:

I know no one wants aggressive treatment, but you will get through it. Stay strong! Let me know what you decide

Hi Kelly, thanks for your answer, will be hard to decide, I want to have other 2 opinios from 2 doctors from other countries also. And also I will come back to speak again with my team doctors, to ask again theire opinion. In this moment need to concentrate and be ok because the treatment with radio+ciplastin, I will need to do and I will start next week. I hope to can manage good this treatment and be ok. If I need to do also this 6 sessions of chimio I will do it. Thank you :hugs: