Please get's so important.

Hello,I’m new to this site so thankyou for letting me join.
I just wanted to say that it’s SO important to go for your smear.I know it isn’t nice and to be honest,I get very anxious about them but it’s worth a few minutes of discomfort.
Last May,I finally had a smear after putting it off for six years and when my result came back that I had HPV and high risk dyskarosis,I panicked.I had to go through the colposcopy which resulted in a biopsy and then I had to wait seven weeks for my results and those seven weeks were the longest of my life.
My results came back that I had CIN III so I had to have the Loop Diathermy under general anaesthetic.It had been caught in time before it changed to Cervical Cancer so I was extremley lucky BUT if I had gone for my smear when I was supposed to,it would have saved alot of pain,stress and worry.
This week,I have found out that I have caught another infection and although I have been with my partner for seven years,we have not been sexually active since my smear test last year so I know it’s my cells again.I have to go back into Hospital for an ultrasound on my womb and ovaries and more tests on that area.It has thrown me and I’m scared of what may happen but I know it’s all worthwhile if it catches or prevents something nasty.
I’m hoping that it’s ok for me to be on here as although I was very lucky to not have the diagnosis of Cancer last year,I have experienced the first few steps toward it and I promise you,I was terrified so I can completely empathise with all of you ladies that are in that transitional period.
I also want to say that as a woman,I’m so proud of you all for what you have to cope with and the fights you have had to face.
I would also like to do something-raise money and get involved with this charity in some way.
Keep going,you can do this xxx