Please can someone offer advice

I am on the combined pill. I have been on it for a year. 10 days before Christmas I had breakthrough bleeding. It didn't let up and I took a 7 day pill break and had a very heavy period. I have been back on the pill and no bleeding since.

I went to see my doctor who thinks I missed a pill and that caused the breakthrough bleeding. I might have missed one  i am uncertain as I have been under great stress at the moment.

In the last few weeks since my period my pelvic area has felt sore a sort of dull ache on both sides. It's been on and off and a bit like I am pregnant (I am not). I have had lower back pain but I have had that for ages I have slight scoliosis to the spine. I am also bloated and have gas.


I am really worried I might have cervical cancer can anyone reassure me.