Please can someone calm me down (children Mentioned)

Hi im gemma 27 ive 3 gorgeous kids. Ive had problems since starting my periods diagnosed with endometriosis in 2016 anyway i was due a smear i had a little bloody discharge after sex. I went for my smear and she couldnt do it because of a polyp. Fast forward to today went to a gynae and he told me my polyp had fallen off (yey) he carried out the smear and found some white patches on the outer of my cervix. He said hes 98%  sure its nothing to worry about but will send me for a colopscopy anyway before the results have even come back? Seemed weird. Has anyone experience of white patches and turned out to be nothing. I have huge health anxiety so im trembling with fear. He said worse could be start of cell changes but dont loose sleep over it