Please can I ask how you were told? *update in comments*

Hello all, I only just joined the forum and this is my first post.


About 2.5 weeks ago I had lletz, at the time the doctor said my next appointment would be for a smear in 6 months, and I received my letter with the details of that appointment a few days ago. 


But today another letter arrived, all it says is that an appointment has been made for me to be seen by the gynaecologist who performed the lletz next week. I wasn't expecting another appointment, so i'm wondering if this is how they normally go about telling you that you have cancer?


Would you mind telling me how you were told your diagnosis?


Thanks ladies. x 

It may be just to discuss the results as the bit of cervix they remove via LLETZ  is sent off and looked at under microscope.

The call back could be a number of things such as if margins weren't clear in which case they may do another LLETZ. I know it is hard not to but try not to think the worst.

Personally, I was called on a Tuesday 2 weeks after my LLETZ treatment and told the consultant had asked for me to come and see her that Thursday (2 days later). I wasn't told anything else except that the consultant doesn't discuss results over the phone. I was advised they had found microscopic cervical cancer stages at 1a1.


Best of luck, try not to worry xx

I didn't have a lletz when I went for my colposcopy so my experience differs there but I did have biopsies taken. 

We went into a consultation room and the Dr told me then that it could be cancer and made an appointment one week later where I was told the results - cancerous changes identified. After my colposcopy all my referrals and follow ups have been arranged in person or on the phone, which they asked my permission to do. 

Like sunshine says it could be regarding anything - sometimes just to let you know what they've found even if they successfully got rid of it may be. 

Thanks ladies. 

My hospital didn't tell me anything, or that they'd be in touch again about results, so it's helpful to hear that can be what it's about.


Hi Hun, I had my lletz and biopsies then 4 weeks later got a call to go in the next day, I knew then that something was wrong as they said they would send results in post.

Hiya I was tolled at my doc surgery she thought I had cc and phoned straight away for a appoint  and when I went to the hospital I was tolled my next appointment  would be a small operation then I got phone call next day to go up and see the doc a couple of days later and she tolled me in person and from then I got phone call next day to go for scans ect 

I just had my appointment today, confirmed 1A1 cc 

Sorry to hear that. How are you coping?

May I ask what your smear detected? Xx

Hi Speedbird. A CC diagnosis is always a shock, even if you have had a niggly feeling that that is what you may have. Really sorry to hear it. Sounds like it has been caught early though and there is every chance of a full recovery from this. I was 1b1 with lymph node involvement and I am nearly 3 years down the line now. All the best with any treatment you have, and do stick on the site for support. We are all here for each other.