Please can anybody help me stop feeling like this?

I am just hoping someone one here can make me feel a little better. I'm 25 and have just had my first smear. Prior to this I have made an appointment to visit my doctor because I am bleeding constantly and have discharge and pains. I received my letter yesterday saying my smear results were high grade severe dyskaryiosis. My doctors appointment is not till Tuesday (2days) and colposcopy the Monday after. I am petrified. I can't stop myself thinking of leaving my little girl I can't stop crying. I am so scared of this. I know that is the worst case scenario but I am obviously thinking the worst. If it was cancer would it show on the smear test? Is it definitely this dyskaryiosis  or could it be cancer and they don't know? I've never had a smear so whatever it is could have been developing for 25 years. I know that cancer doesn't care if you have a family but I'm a single mum to my perfect girl and I'm scared I'll die. I genuinely am. Nothing has scared me like this before, what are the chances it is cancer? does having this increase your risk of getting other cancers. I didn't sleep last night. Worse because I'm concerned about these symptoms. I'm so scared 

Hey, I can't answer your questions on the medical stuff...but you're not alone lovie. I'm 44 and mum to two boys and I can't stop crying tonight. Sending you a virtual hug. This place is great for answers and support.



Thank you I am just in bits. I can't stop crying. Not just because of my results but because I have symptoms too. I know people younger than me who have died of cancer. My beautiful angel girl I can't even look at without breaking down x

Be're a mama and they make us tough. We won't be beaten. You keep telling yourself that ok?

sending hugs x

I'm trying so hard but I'm so scared. I camt deal with this wait it's awful x

Hi try not to worry, even though i know its easier said that donw because i was the worst for worrying


I am.25 and had my 1st smear july this year- i thought it would just come back normal etc.

However 2 weeks later i got a letter saying i had severe dyskarosis and needed a colposcopy which they already booked for me a week later- i panicked the whole week and made myself ill thinking the worst.

I had the colposcopy and they took 2 biopsiee at the same time- i eas reassured as the doctor told me it was a small area and didnt look severe like the smear had shown.

Biopsies came back as cin 1 which did not match uo to my severe smear results.i then had to wait 3 months for my case to be discussed at panel to decide if i needed treatment (i was pushed down the list as it must go in priority order)

October i then had a letter saying i needed treatment and i was booked into have lletz procedure a week later.2 weeks after i had a letter to say all bad cells (cin 3) were removed, no sign of cancer and i just need follow up smear in 6 months.


Howver i have just started strong antibiotics as the discharge is very smelly and think it could be an infection

Thank you for your reply, just counting the days until Monday and I can understand what happening. I'm so scared x I hope your infection clears up asap xx

I went for my colposcopy on 20th November and they said it is too large to do whilst awake so am not waiting for an appointment to go under general to have them do what they need too. It feels like it's taking a lifetime. I'm petrified xx