Please advise-in a state (children mentioned)

i just want to know if I had cervical cancer and it was at a stage it had spread elsewhere would it be obvious when the colcoscopist looked at the cervix? 


Im so worried it has maybe spread upwards rather than downwards 


please help I'm in a mess 



I understand how worrying this is, but it really isn't so simple to answer your questions reassuringly without medical experience. I think a great deal of us who have posted here has worked herself into a right state with the overthinking. So far, since I got the letter after my smear, I have had (according to my head) definite adenocarcinoma, advanced cervical cancer, lymphoma and currently leukaemia. 

Without meaning to worry you further, the honest answer to your question is yes, the Colposcopist would most likely be able to spot anything sinister, but there are always exceptions and from what I know glandular abnormality is harder to diagnose...but, that is the purpose of the biopsies they take; to find out what might, or might not, be present. 

As a co HA sufferer, though I'd wager you struggle a little more than I do, I'd really suggest you stop Googling. I know it is not that simple, but try to restrict yourself to this site/these forums. You may also find giving the Jo's Trust helpline a call useful. Also, try to do something distracting - if you can go out, go and see a film, something away from all this - even for just a few hours to give your head some respite. 



I did reply but it's not working x

Its very hard with HA not to google and it's a vicious circle isn't it. I just can't stand the wait and have nowhere I can

asj questions! I'm a mum to 3 amazing kids and am worried xx