Pleas give me some advice


My name is "Mr Worried". I am 26 (m) and Uk my wife is 25 (f) uk.

We married last year, my wife had her first smear teast not 2 months ago... Results came back and she had CIN3 high risk dyskosis. She was set an urgent appt and had I believe an Lletz ? ( Edited to add it could of been colpocopsy )treatment carried out. I went with her (not into the room) and she said that when the liqquid was used on her cervix there was a small area about the size of a 5p "white" and her nurse/doctor removed all that he could see. He said that she would recieve results through the post within 6 weeks !!


Six weeks to me is disgusting, she cannot concentrate on anything for fear of the results, we dont have children yet ( we were activley trying)and she would be the most fantastic mother. She is brilliant with kids and as is most ladies express it is her biggest desire to have children.


We are now about two weeks after the initiall lletz treatment, and they (the hospital clinic) has gone to the extreme lengths of contacting her at work to try get her for an appt " as soon as possible to discuss the recent results" We have a holiday next week which this will now impact upon massivley. (Not that it worries me her mental health is my main concern right now)


She rang me at work to tell me this not an hour ago... I'm terrified. The thought that she might have "it"scares the shite out of me....losing her would be unimaginable and I have a huge lump in my throat just talking about it.... Thats not even mentioning the fact that it going to have a massive impact on our ability to have children she would be more than heartbrokedn to find out she cant have kids.... I think it would destroy her.


I know deep down that they would not call unless the results are in a negative frame.


I need help advice from someone. has anyone been in the same situation and had good news or not terrible news....

Please ladies. Help me to help her.


Hi there I'm sorry you are going through this I found out Monday that I have stage 1b2 at the age of 24 off my first smear. I was completely petrefied when I had the abnormal result and can totally agree how it panics you and ur wife. All I can say is try to be calm and not to worry to much with any biopsy result they like you to come in to discuss whether good or bad. Sometimes they can just have a slot available for you to come in. Try and stay calm and be strong and deffo do not google anything I was certain I had stage 4 as I managed to obtain all sorts of aches and pains after the abnormal smear. Your mind has ways of playing on you. If you have any more questions here is the best place as everyone here is going or been through the same thing. Hope all turns out fine :) xx

Hello. Read your post and didnt want to just go off it without  commenting. I cant really give any advice as I am only just going through more or less the same things as your wife is at the moment. Just wanted to say good luck and hope you get good news regarding the results. And if she ever needs anyone just to chat to she can private message me on here I'm 26 so around the same age as her aswell x

She is very lucky to have a man that cares about her so much. Go with her to the appointment, it could be that they need to repeat the lletz as they didn’t get all the abnormal cells. It’s so difficult but try not to worry, if it does turn out to be cancer you will get through it, it’s bloody hard trust me but you find an inner strength.
With regards to the holiday, you may well still be able to go. I kind of ended up in the same situation but had to cancel mine and within a few weeks the insurance paid out. I’m planning on a bigger and better holiday instead later this year.
Good luck with it all, if it does turn out to be cancer then it’s likely to be in the early stages as cervical cancer tends to be very slow growing. For a lady who does not have children, they will do absolutely everything they can to preserve her fertility. Will keep everything crossed for you both

My advice is to try and stay positive, keep talking to each other and asking lots of questions of the doctors. Don't worry about phoning to chase results. They know that you will be worried. They will do everything they can to give your wife the best outcome.  You will get through it. Finding out who your specialist nurse or MacMillan nurse is might help. They can often get some information for you. Good luck