playing the waiting game for the 2nd time

Hi everyone, 

It has been a while since i last posted.  I was hoping after my last op everything would go back to normal.

After i had my son in 2010 a smear test came back normal. 8 months later they gave me another due to abnormal bleeding etc, this cameback cin3.  Because the area needing treated was large the doctor suggested i had surgery instead.  I got over it.

Fastforward a year or so.  The abnormal bleeding returned and i was referred to gyne for possible erosion of the cervix as well as a smear.  The smear came back  clear and i was relieved. A few weeks possibly 2 months later my appointment came round.  The nurse said my cervix is not erroding but a large area of abnormal cells were present. I had a biopsy and was not prepared at all.  I cant get my head around the clear result only weeks before.

I asked the doc about this and he said there 2 possibilities. 1# the smear missed it but he cant see how since they took a large sample. I was due a smear in November but because of bleeding they didnt do it until May (i was still bleeding) so they took a large sample.  2#he suggested my cells are turning abnormal at a very fast rate.

I drove myself insane first time round and this time i just feel numb. I cant believe this is happening again and i cant look to a future where this is constantly going to be an issue.  I couldnt think about anything else the first time round and i know i drove my family to the brink of insanity so im keeping it to myself this time.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone on here, for me this site saved my sanity and although im playing the horrible waiting game again,  i couldnt ask for better support and advice.  Thank you Jo's Trust and thank you to all you brave and insightful lovely women.

Heres to a happy healthy future!!!

Cat Xxx

Hi Cat,

Did you not have colposcopies following your first treatment? I'm wondering if it could be that your cells don't look very abnormal under the microscope in the lab but the area looks bad when seen with the eye... I think this is called the "grade" of cells. Also, remember that a smear is not 100%, my worst smear has only ever been a "borderline". Do you know where your abnormal cells are? If its a patch to one side perhaps that is how it was missed. It's great that this has been picked up though.