Planning session/ Start of treatment

Hi everyone,

I met with my new consultant on Weds, she has told me that my treatment plan will be 25 external rads, 5 chemo and 3 brachy to get rid of the recurrence i have.

She has said I will have a planning session next week then start treatment soon after.

Just wondering if anyone can tell me what to expect at the planning session, how long it takes etc. And also any tips on getting through treatment, any creams or oils you would recommend. And also any vitamins or supplements to take?

Any help/tips appreciated :blush:

Amy xx

Hi Amy,

So you’re on the way! This is good. The treatment will be very effective. Your planning session is probably your planning scan? This is fun really because you may well be introduced to the concept of filling your bladder to a certain level, and get your tattoos - tiny tattoo marks marking the parameter of radiotherapy treatment, so they can line you up exactly on the machine and make sure they’re targeting the tumour/s exactly. It’s the day when you know everything is going into action. You’ll be there a good few hours probably, and you’ll be nervous (we all are) because we’re going into the unknown.

I will let other ladies talk to you about creams or oils, because that wasn’t an issue for me. My ‘blast area’ was from the breast bone down to the cervix area, so for me it was nausea and the eventual diarrhoea that was the problem, as my whole gut was pretty unhappy. I had no skin problems whatsoever, but I used a nice moisturising shower gel each day, and wore loose clothes with no metal (stretchy sports bra and elastic baggy harem trousers) that they could pull down in the machine. This meant I didn’t have to change into a hospital gown - and few sessions of that and shivering on the machine (which has to be kept cooled) and I realised I could make myself ‘machine friendly’ and avoid this.

Over to other ladies for creams and potions! Xx

Hi Jacks,

Thank you for always replying to all my questions, i must be getting on your nerves by now hahaha.

Yes well on the way now to hopefully get rid of this thing once and for all!

Ive been out and bought baggy jogging bottoms to wear for treatment so hopefully i wont be too cold in there.

Thanks again for the advice, hope your enjoying the weekend xx

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Baggy jogging bottoms sound just the thing - make sure there’s no metal eyelets for a cord, or metal ends… :wink:

I will never get tired of your posts! X

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Hello my lovely!

On the advice of some of the ladies on here i started using Aveeno body cream in the weeks before treatment. From my belly button down to the top of my thighs front and back. I never had any issue with burns at all. This may sound gross but… when my tummy went funny and I was constantly running to the loo my bottom became sore with all the wiping. You should be given Diprobase when you start. Keep that bottom well moisturised! Although not just before treatment. Slather it on after and after every bowel movement.
Also I would advise getting yourself some soft seam/seamless knickers. When all my pubic hair fell out my knicker line became sensitive and irritated.

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Oh yes, I forgot to mention enemas…. Now not all hospitals seem to do this, but mine had this before every radiotherapy session (you could decline if you had the runs… :roll_eyes:) and at the planning scan too. So it was enema, drinking a certain amount, ultrasound to make sure bladder was at the right ‘extension’, then up on the slab for scan and tattoo… :wink:

The consultant said about enemas, apparently at this hospital they dont make you use them. Not sure if i should or not she just said it was up to me :woman_shrugging:

Dignity is definitely out the window during all this isnt it hahah xx

Hi Shammy,

Thank you for your reply.

Ill get stocked up on Aveeno thank you.

When did your tummy start to go funny? Was it right away or a few weeks in?

Ive still got the big soft knickers from when i had my hysterectomy so ill use those when i go in. Did your pubic hair grow back or not? if you dont mind me asking :joy: xx

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My tummy started acting up about week 2! Luckily it was a Friday and I was at home. Oh and i would say if youve a bag you can carry about with a spare change of clothes and wipes… thankfully i never needed it but had a few close calls! :woman_facepalming::woozy_face:
The hair has only just started to grow back, im about 12 weeks post treatment. Im very dark haired and quite hairy, arms eyebrows etc. My arm hair just about went and hair growth on my legs and underarms really slowed down.
I also found certains foods would make my tummy worse. Broccoli being the worst! There was a few times a ate plain white food only. Bread, crackers , rice etc.
On saying all this… you could breeze through without any effects at all!

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So interesting about the hair, isn’t it! My underarm hair has got massively lighter, and the hair on my legs is practically non-existent, although it was thinner than it used to be anyway because of the menopause I suspect. My pubes grew back in a few months, but not the same. I’ve now regained a nice colour (no grey pubes) lighter than they were before and smoother so as I’m a year out from treatment I hope the new look is staying… :joy:

As Shammy says there is no knowing how your body will take to all this. I was warned about gums as well, from the chemo, and I got some super sensitive soft heads for my electric toothbrush and used a sensitive toothpaste. I had no problems, but I don’t know if that was because I took measures to stop from inflaming the gums.

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Oh I wonder what way mine will be!! :rofl::rofl:
My hair (on head) is not as wild as it was… a lot easier to manage to be honest!

Its weird how we all react differently isnt it? The gift that keeps on giving as some say :woman_facepalming:

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Im dark haired too, hopefully mine will come back lighter, save shaving my legs all the time! Haha.

Good point about the bag, ill make sure i keep spares with me xx

No grey pubes :rofl::rofl: well thats one bonus after everything youve gone through haha.

Yes i had seen someone else say about getting a softer toothbrush so ill add that to my list too :blush: xx


Planning session I was there for a few hours. I only had to do enemas for the first 6 days and planning scans. They really weren’t as bad as I thought they would be. If you don’t drink a lot of water I would start upping your intake now. My radiotherapy days were longer than other patients due to being in and out as I could never get my bladder right. For my radiotherapy I had to take my bottom half off and pull down my pants. I did end up with burns but they gave me all the creams etc I needed and I was told not to use anything that they hadn’t gave me. If u get burns ask for help straight away, I thought I had a spot and struggled for a few days and when I realised it took a week for my prescription I was in agony. I will say I thought I would keel over from embarrassment but they are very good at keeping you covered and even when your not they keep you chattingnetc and in the end up you barely even notice. I didn’t lose all my pubes although they are still coming out. I usually shave so found it hard not to but that’s not an issue now lol. I bought a few lounge wear suits and seamless underwear and wore that throughout my treatments. Xx


Hi steffi,

Thanks for your reply.

Sorry to hear you got burns, hope they are healing up now.

Thanks for tip on water. Ill make sure i drink lots this week in preparation, probably wont be off the loo but never mind haha.

Hope you had a lovely weekend xx

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