Plan/scan appointment

Hi Everyone - I went to plan/scan appointment  yesterday, didn't go so well.   6 attempts by 3 nurses to fit the cannula for the contrast didn't help.  I was told by phone to drink a pint of water, apparently there was 250ml in my bladder which was perfect.   I was told by phone to have an empty bowel,  I didn't feel the need to go but they couldn't do it because it wasn't empty.   If only they had told me I needed to take Senokot or prunes or something beforehand.  I was there for 4 hours for nothing.    Anyway I've been given laxatives for 5 days and go back again on 5th day.   I don't suffer from constipation so I wish they had written to me with more information - that's the trouble when everything is by phone.  I've got 2 hour pre assessment appointment on the 3rd by phone too.  I did feel really sorry for myself yesterday and woke up crying this morning (such a wimpy girl) but buried myself in work and feel much better this evening thank goodness. Hope your days are going well.

Sorry you feel like this. Which hospital are you under? Southend? 

Hi Triumph-Girl

Like you I had surgery followed by chemorads so I can empathise about that -  having a cry now and then, and some, is more than OK.  My treatment period was a rocky road in places as was yours last Thursday; it can be very frustrating but good to hear you felt better later on. 

Best wishes