Plan of Treatment Confirmed.


Hello m'lovliesx Just thought that I would update you all with my treatment plan, which was confirmed today with my Oncologist.  I am to have 4 weeks of Radiotherapy with 4 days of chemo incorporated into the 4 wks, then 2 sessions of brachytherapy.  I am having a blood test first thing in the morning, & then just waiting for a planning scan then start date soon after, which will be within the next 2 weeks.


My Onc was pretty damn good, very straight down the line & matter of fact - but I like that - coz I'm the same ! He answered all of my questions, but didn't mention staging at all... I asked him my staging & he said after my MRI scait they thought 2b, but after PET CT scan they thought 3b.  I can't seem to get my head round this part, as I have no lymph node involvement & it's contained ... So wondered why 3b.  I have no pain or swelling anywhere, look and feel fine, & just keep thinking they must be talking about someone else as I feel too well for any of this.... Lol lol ....  Also bit concerned about the number of treatments I'm going to be getting, as I know other ladies who have been staged lower than me, but have received more sessions of the radio/chemo/ brachytherapy .... I'm assuming it is all down o each individual person, each different consultant and also different areas do things differently....

Anyway, I'm still as positive as can be & want o get on & get rise of this evil thing !

Positive vibes greatly received ....

love & hugs

x x x x 

Hi Samantha, so glad you are so positive! As you say, different trusts and plans and treatment dosage could also be different. Did they tell you about tumour type and grade as this could have a bearing too.

You will soon be starting treatment and getting Back some control, well done you!! Xx


Thanks Andrea did you get on ?

x x x

Hey Sam,


im glad you have a plan to prepare for and focus on now. We're all here for you as you go through it.

Sending you all the positive vibes and hugs and the strength to see you through xxx

Hi Samantha, 

Glad you've got your treatment plan to focus on now and that you're feeling positive - that's great! :-) 

Don't worry about the number of sessions of radiotherapy etc you're having. Like you and Andrea have said, it is different in every single case. One of the reasons they do the scans etc. is so they can work out (it's very mathematical!) exactly how much you should have in order to give the best chance of success. Sometimes this can mean a slightly higher dosage each time but in a smaller number of sessions, which might be what is happening in your case. As you know, when you get cancer you suddenly learn lots of things you didn't know beforehand, but something I've also learned is that every single case is different and has its own little peculiarities. Rest assured that the treatment plan they are giving you will have been very carefully worked out using all of the information they have about you and will have been guided by National Protocol as well. 

Also, just to clarify: if you have got a stage 3 this doesn't necessarily mean lymph node involvement, it just means there is some evidence of spread. You seem to have been told that your cancer is contained, which is great, so maybe the cancer is attempting to go up to your uterus, for example, which might make it technically a stage 3. If you want to be certain on this, best to grill your consultant next time you see him/her! :-) 

As has been said, we are all here to help and support you through this journey. I don't know what it's like to have the treatment you're going to be having, but of course I do know what it feels like to have cancer and there are other ladies here who know what it's like to have the kind of treatment you're embarking on, so they will understand what that's like and will also have lots of handy tips on things to help deal with the effects of the treatment. 

We're all with you - keep us updated. 

Much love, 

Annabel. x

Hi Samantha 

Good to hear your plan is sorted.

it seems that the plans are all different & very individual,I found that when asking other ladies when having my treatment,I panicked a bit thinking why was having this when they were having that etc etc until I realised how different all our cases are! 

Hope all goes well for you keep positive & can do it!!

K xx

Wishing you all the best. Since I started following this site - and following individual people and their experiences, I have concluded that the chemoradiation seems pretty damn effective - at least in the short term. All the people I have followed through (2Bs mainly) over the last 6 months have got a 'clear' at 3 months. Please remember this if it help you be positive. Will add you to my positive vibe sending list. XX

so glad your treatment is going to start. im glad your still in your positive mode.hope everything goes well and will be thinking of you xx


Hi Annabel, 

I have since spoken with my nurse, & she has explained that the reason they are saying 3b is like you have said, it is attempting to go up into my cervix... So all clear now ...just waiting to start - just wish they'd hurry up x x x

Good luck Samantha - let’s fry the sucker!!!



Good luck Samantha, hope everything goes well for you ,

Sue xx

Hope all is going well Samantha …please keep me updated
K xx