Pissed off & a little worried

so last summer I went to the GP (on a Tuesday) as I had some bleeding & discomfort.  She said that it didn't look to good (not her words) too a smear test  by the Saturday I had the results and the following Tuesday a hospital appoint. Had a biopsy & within 2 weeks was back having LEtz treatment done.  Was told to have follow up smear in 6mths then go back to normal 3 holy if all clear  

Went for smear in June - had a lot of pain & discomfort so insuffien cells collected. Saw GP who explained that quite a lot of my cervix was removed, but all looked ok so no obvious reason for the pain. 


Went for 2nd attempt at smear today to be told by the nurse the full story from last year.  I was on an urgent referral (always wondered why it happened so quick)  & had GCIN & CIN.  and the letter the consultant sent the GO States that I have to have 6mthly smear for the next 5 years!  


Im pissed off that I wasnt told the severity of the condition last year & that I would need so many check-ups as a result or even what the results were.  If I'd have know. I wouldn't have buggered about putting off this smear.   Now I'm worried incase the results come back really quickly again.