pink vaginal discharge after LLETZ

hello all. i had my LLETZ treatment two weeks ago now as i had  severe cell changes on the result of my smear test, i am still waiting for my biopsy results. i only bled for about three days after the LLETZ and then it stopped. i dont usually have periods due to being on the implant but now im having pink discharge which i suppose indicates im bleeding slightly from somewhere. thinking about it i had this pink discharge before i even went for my LLETZ treament so i dont know if its related to the LLLETZ or something else. i dont think it could be an infection because i have been on anti biotics for a week and it started on the last day i finished my last anti biotic. has anyone else had pink discharge that stops and starts?? does anyone know if its normal? do you think its worth me getting it checked out to make sure everything is ok ? 


thanks for reading :)



Hi Jane - after my LLETZ I had discharge of all sorts of colours (pink,brown, black, all sorts). This is completely normal and I was told to expect it when I had the treatment. My first period after the treatment was particularly spectacular, but it did seem to flush things out so I guess you might have a little discharge for longer than I did.

As long as the discharge doesn’t smell offensive and you aren’t producing loads (like soaking through a thick pad in less than 20 minutes) you are probably ok, but if you are worried then contacting the unit where you were treated is worth it to put your mind at rest.

Unfortunately recovery from this can be a bit grim but it does stop in time and for most women this is all the treatment you’ll need. Hope all goes well for you. X

hello :) this has made me feel alot better thankyou. i think ill just see how it goes if it doesnt stop ill look into it. it nice to know im not the only one who has had pink discharge though. must be normal :) good luck with your journey xx