Pink discharge?

Hi everyone, it’s been a little while since I’ve posted on the forums but I’ve been so thankful for everyone’s support and guidance in the past I wanted to post again as I’ve had some changes I’m worried about :pensive:

My summary has been:
2022 high risk HPV positive (non 16/18) - told to come for repeat smear (this was my first smear ever). No cell changes
2023 high risk HPV positive and low grade cell changes. (April)
2023 (June) Colopscopy - biopsy with inflammatory cell changes only, gynaecologist recommended yearly smear again to see if gone
2023 - had gardasil 9 vaccine
2024 - due for smear

I’ve scheduled my next yearly Pap smear - with lots of trepidation and anxiety - for tomorrow but today I have noticed pink discharge that I have never ever had previously. I’m now panicking that things could have advanced - does anyone have any recommendations or support? I haven’t been the best with supplements over the past 12 months (probiotics, multivitamin on and off) and I’m so afraid now. Thanks so much :heart: