Pill or not?

Hi all,

I had LLETZ treatment just over 2 weeks back and in the last few days have started bleeding a bit. Sorry to be crude but early on it was just a bit red when I wiped, now there's more of a discharge. Not much, like the end of a period but this is a change for me. It also feels the tiniest bit throbby. Again nothing I'd ordinarily complain about, just a bit more aware. Work's got more hectic (is a job I'm on my feet for a lot) & I was concerned that I'm over doing it?! 

This isn't my main question though, I'm on the pill and wondered if it would be worth running two packs together so I have no period this month? My thoughts are it would be cleaner around the cervix & I can monitor bleeding from the LLETZ better but I don't know if it would be healthier/ more sensible to stick to a normal routine for my body?! 



Hi Gambarre,

You should probably ask your doctor about that. But, having said that, there have been a couple of times in my life when I have been doing a lot of travelling/backpacking and have decided that a period was the last thing I wanted to be dealing with. So on those occasions I kept on taking the pill. Both times with the go-ahead of my GP I hasten to add. The first time was when I was 19. It worked a treat. The second time I did it I was 38, had already been sterilised and so had to go and ask my GP for a prescription. After I explained my thinking he reluctantantly gave me a prescription but in fact I had break-through bleeding a few times anyway. See what your doctor has to say about it.

Good luck


It would be best to discuss it with someone professional, but based on my experience I actually would be tempted to run the two packs together. I used to do that all time, in the olden days!!! 

The reason I think it might be a good idea is that I had a big bleed straight after my first post-lletz period, which I do believe I might have avoided if Id had longer to heal before the priod.

good luck with your decision



hiya I had my lletz on Monday as was due to have my 7day break on weds, my doctor who did the lletz recommend that I do the pill back to back to give my cervix time to heal so it doesn't get disturbed but everyone is different so as everyone's said above ask ur gp!! Also while we are talking about post lletz, did anyone bleed heavy straight away cos my doc said id bleed continuously for 2-3 weeks but all iv had is light spotting and a clearish discharge with grainy bits in it? Sorry tmi xx

Thank you ladies, 

This is such an unbelievably supportive site & I appreciate your concern and help. I called up the clinic where I had LLETZ treatment and the nurse said it wouldn't cause a problem to the healing for me to take the pill back to back so I've gone for it! I have done it before (also when travelling!) so not concerned from that respect, but I had no idea how it would interact (or otherwise!) with the healing of a wound!


Floppypoppy, I didn't get heavy bleeding straight away.On the first day I had a bit of blood ut very light. Since then I've had bits of flesh (it appears) and further light spotting getting a bit more at week 2 (apparently normal!) the grainy bits, I think I've seen referred to elsewhere. It's all very strange isn't it!

Hi Gambarre,

I'm a bit late to the thread, but when I had my LLETZ I asked the nurse who did it and she recommended I run two packs together so I could distinguish between my healing and my period (which made sense) I didn't experience a particularly heavy or painful period or anything after the 2nd pack (although it was GRIM having to use pads - I felt like I was 14 again haha) x x x

The Nurse who treated me advised me to carry on two packs, said it would be better for me but it was up to me what I wanted to do