Picking fights

Had my first counselling session today. Was good, not too emotive. Felt a bit drained after. Just picked a fight with hubby as soon as he walked in the door. I feel I was trying to make a valid point, but I did it totally in the wrong way. He now won’t even listen to me try to apologise or explain!
Just needed somewhere to rant!

Counselling is called work for a reason. It's hard going and you will feel drained after. I've done quite a bit of counselling training and had a lot of counselling. 

It can be hard for the people around you, because you've just had an hour of (hopefully) feeling 100% listened to, whereas they've just had their normal day. I always found giving myself some time to decompress after a counselling session (walk in the park, swim, bath etc) made the transition into real life a little easier. 

Be sure to bring this up at your next session. You might find some very interesting reasons why you picked a fight like you did. 


I've snapped at people for no reason and have been really misrable throughout my journey so your not alone.

Let him cool down and then speak to him when he is calm and explain how your feeling and that you don't mean it.

Your hormones will be all over the place I know mine are!