Physiotherapy post treatment


I am a Women's Health Physiotherapist and I am coming across more and more patients with bowel and bladder issues post radiotherapy for cervical Ca.

I am trying to establish how big of an issue this actually is and get an idea how many of you actually are experiencing changes in your bowel/bladder control?

I would appreciate as much feedback as possible. I am also getting the impression that most of you do not realise that there are physiotherapists out there that can actually help you manage such symptoms! Physio is definately not just about sore backs and sore necks!! I can not stress enough that these symtoms are not something you have to just put up with!!!

Any feedback would be fantastic.

Many thanks


Hi TRiGirl83 - I most definitely have post treatment issues with bowel and bladder issues..I think you will find many many ladies do as well! I am 9 months post treatment and it's strange saying it out loud but it's like I'm adapting to my new issues although I know I shoudn't have to live with these problems.. I think 'at least I'm alive, I can live with this' but yes, it's definitely testing..I have been to the urologist and gastro guy...I have enteristis and a radiated on Endep for bladder spasms and just have to steer clear of rich/fatty foods for my tum. The urologist did a urodynamic study and a cytoscopy and I'm actually getting the results tomorrow. I'm sorry to say but I didn't even know womans health physiotherapists you treat many woman with bowel/bladder issues? Thanks for your post : )

I have major bowel issues but was lucky to have a GP who was 'on the ball' and referred me to one of the very few gastroenterologists who specialise in Pelvic Radiation Disease. He has given me some semblance of a normal life back after being in despair with the pain and embarrassment od having 'accidents'. Please ladies, if you are post radio treatment and having bladder and/or bowel issues, get yourself a referral and take along Andreyev's Algorythm with you!