physical examinations only!

I finished my treatment for stage 2 CC last April and my 10 week post treatment scan came back clear!! I am now on 3 monthly check ups and no more scans, unless I show symptoms??? Is this the same for you other girls??

Hello Jayney,  I finished my treatment in July 2013 and I have had follow up appointments, with physical examinations but I have also had 2 'big' scans since then also.  I will continue to have the scans every 3 - 4 months as well as further check-up appointments with the Oncologists,  These will go on for a period of time then if they remain clear, will be stretched to 6 monthly scans & check-ups again for a period of time.  As time goes on and hopefully the scans come back clear, the time between scans will be stretched again possibly to yearly scans..   I don't understant why they would not keep on scanning in your case,  in any case! surely this is the earliest way of picking up any recurrance (hopefully  it never happens) I'd definitely query this, insist on being scanned. If they refuse, tell them your mental health will be affected if they don't.  It's too important.


Hi there,


I only have physical examinations too. I ask my consultant every time about vault smears, scans etc but they always say the statistics show it's not helpful. My issue is I had an MRI which was clear...but I had a 3cm tumor! So how on earth can I trust that I'm clear if they just take a few seconds to poke around inside me?

They just say to report symptoms...but every thing I bring up is always dismissed with 'well that won't be anything' so how are you supposed to be taken seriously?

I feel like in my trust they just wait for it to come back rather than try and catch it earlier. It gives me little of the Trust that NNS mentioned in her post. I can Hope it won't come back, but I don't Trust the consultants to act in my best interests in keeping me reassured.



Thank you for your replys. I feel a constant worry at the back of my my mind as I am sure you all feel. I dealt with the treatment really well, 28 radios, 3 brachytherapy,5 cisplatin chemos. A good scan , and my oncologist has said I have done as well as I possibly can but I still cannot rest my husband finds this hard as as I should be pleased with the results so far...... BUT HOW CAN YOU NOT WORRY, My life feels back on track and I feel healthy and fit ( 36 years old) I am sure this is something we all have to learn to live but a scan does give that reassurance, but the radio I know creates a lot of scar tissue. With positive thoughts and the very best wishes jayney xxx

Hi Jayney

I also have only had physical examinations, every 3 months, and have an MRI booked for next week, which is about a year after my op.

I was told that the examinations are more effective at picking up a small tumour than an MRI, I just hope this is true!

Intrust this to some extent I guess as I have private healthcare through work so it’s not a cost thing as that would pay for more scans if needed.

Recurrance is a constant worry but I guess as you say, we’ll have to learn to live with it! Hoping it gets easier with time.

Best wishes
Ali x

I agree with you jo. I'm at same hospital and its just a quick examination.I had my check up yesterday and every thing ok but been having bad shoulder pain since October and really bad pains in my legs. They said its not connected to it but how do they no without doing tests. Just a quick feel. They just said go to your go. I seen a young doctor last time who asked if I had shoulder pain which I didn't at the time. I mentioned this yesterday but they said they never heard of shoulder pain being connected to cc. I asked the young doctor why he asked me that and he said the cancer could have travelled.probably me just reading more into the pain. I suppose we will always worry. I'm off to see my go though to try and get some reassurance.

Gp lol