Hello all.

There are two ways that you can display photos on here.

The first is to go to your profile and at the bottom of the page you will see a box marked “Link to off-site Avatar:” This will allow you to display an image underneath your username (like I have done). There is a maximum size of 80 pixels wide by 80 pixels deep (or for those to whom that means nothing - about the size of the image to the left).

To display an image, it must already be online somewhere (we cannot allow images to be uploaded at present although this may be a possibility in the future). Just enter the web address where the image can be found into that “Link to off-site Avatar:” box in your profile and it will appear on all your posts.

If you do not know how to find the address of an image, this is how it can be done. For PC users, right click on the picture (try it on my avatar) and select Properties. A window will come up that shows the address (URL).

For Mac users, hold the control button down whilst clicking the mouse on the picture. Again select properties.

The second option is to insert a picture into your posts. You can do this by clicking on the Img button on the “post a reply” page. Again you need to know the URL of the image that you want to insert so it must already be online somewhere.

The code you insert in your post is

I hope this makes sense

Thanks Pamela, this is a great idea i like a good gossip!! Im really sorry im not going to be able to make Ireland going to dublin the end of october for my friends 40th for the weekend, so there abit close together :cry: love kaz xx :wink: