Photo & resizing information

Hi All

We’ve had many new people join and IO have noticed one or two asking questions of how to upload a photo onto your profile. These are the instructions I posted many months ago.

hope it helps.

For those wanting to put photos on i have put together some easy to follow instructions. You first need to get an online album there’s loads of sites out there but the one i use was free:-

  1. go to

  2. Click on register now, fill out registration screen.

  3. Once your in click on browse (next to image box)

  4. Find the location where you pictures (size recommend 160x120) are kept then click on submit.

  5. You will then see you picture at the bottom of the screen.

  6. Click in the little box that says URL.

  7. Click right mouse button and select copy

  8. Log onto jos and access your profile.

  9. At bottom of screen see a box that says link to off site aviatar.

  10. click in there with right mouse button and select paste.

  11. Hey presto you picture is on.

Hi All

I’ve had some pm’s recently about putting pictures up on profiles. To do this they need to be a specific size. Also it’s better to take the pic on the normal setting for your camera not the best setting ( you will not loose anything in quality). I hope the following helps.

take care


you’ll need to resize your picture is needs to be 80 pixels by 80 pixels maximum. If you have microsoft office on your pc.

  1. Double click your picture and it will open in microsoft picture manager

  2. click on edit pictures at on tool bar

  3. On right hand side of screen click resize

  4. select custom width x height and enter in the 2 boxes 80 x 80 click on ok.

  5. YOU’LL THEN NEED to resave your picture and upload it again to your online album.

thanks got my photo on the site you recommended, cant get an option to right click and copy. could scream with frustration…
not a good today today to bath and bed and headach tablets, why isnt anything straightforward!


lol I cant seem to do it, ive followed all ur instructions but wen i upload it it just shows a red cross, won’t show when i right click and click on show pic either…any ideas? x

me neither sam, got the same as you, little red cross!

Mel x

Ive given up on it lol!! x

If you cant do it this way, try editing it in photobucket.
Click on the picture you want
click edit
options then come up for resizing it
if you put 80 in both boxes and save then copy that link it should work

any probs just pm me and ill try to help

Finally it worked!! :wink: x

swit swooo lol. weird when u see a pic of someone, I’d imagined u as a blonde xx

can anyone help…
I’ve posted my pic on a sharing site…
and its the right size…

but for the life of me I can’t seem to upload it onto this website…
If I copy in that link above into the url box i get the message: It was not possible to determine the dimensions of the image.


Funky if u look underneath the image on photobucket, there is 3 lines if writing and one is a url, try cipying that then pasting it into the avatar thingy on here? Not sure if u were posting the url or the link at the top of your page?

Hope this helps, if not try n explain a bit more n ill c if I can help xx

Thanks so much!!! Got there eventually…

IVE LOADED UP POHOTOBUCKET, uploaded the image i want, and eventually found the url code. i copy and paste into where it says on this site, and it says its inavalid! what am i doing wrong?


[color=#FF0000]Grrrrr, i give up… ! :lol: [/color]


I have uploaded my photo to the photobucket site and pasted the URL. However, I get the message that the dimensions cannot be determined.

Any advice?



Thanks for the instructions Kevin - It took a while but I got there in the end.

Emma (Technophobe!)

Hi Kevin

First of all, how are you bearing up these days? Have you made any progress in your action against Helen’s GP.

Secondly, many thanks for your very detailed instructions on how to insert an avatar. For a long time I’ve been wanting to show my ugly mug to the other ladies (and gents). I found it very easy to follow and I am a total lamebrain where IT is concerned.

All the best