Phone call from the hospital...

I'm three weeks post colposcopy. The consultant couldn't see anything but took three biopsies.

He has just called to say I have pre cancerous cells and they want me in as soon as possible for treatment under a GA. I'm not sure what to think really.

Im just a bit freaked out I guess that he called rather than letter me. Its left me kinda worried. He said I'll receive a letter with the appointment date. 

Anyone been in a similar position? I know it's hard to compare cos everyone's journey is completely different. .

Apologies for the rambling post, I received the phone call ten minutes ago and I've not quite processed it fully.

Thanks ❤

I'm sorry your feeling like this. I feel the exact same right now! I've received a letter for an appointment to go and see a consultant surgeon to discuss my results. I've been told nothing else! The only reason I know the appointment is to see a surgeon is because I had to chnage the appointment due to being on holiday and the amendment date letter confirms who I am seeing. Googled him and that's what confirmed it. I've received no calls from the hospital. 

I would say from what I've read on here try not to worry, pre cancerous doesn't mean cancer and the fact they couldn't see anything is another good sign. I have 2 areas of concern that they could see and too biopsy from.

When do you go back? Please keep us updated xx

Thank you. I'm not sure when I'm due back. The surgeon just called me tonight to say the biopsies showed pre cancerous cells and he wants me in asap for treatment under a general anaesthetic. He couldn't say when I'll be in but said it should be very soon and to expect a letter or phone call. 

Hopefully it becomes clearer for you at your appointment too. Take care xx

I had (hopefully) precancerous cells removed last week under GA. still awaiting the biopsy back from the operation. From info on here my understanding is if it’s precancerous they got it on time and that you will be closely monitored. Try not to worry too much (easier said than done) I think it was nice and courteous of your consultant to take the time out to ring rather than it just arriving on your door! 

Thank you.  I hope you get the results back from the biopsy very soon. I feel the waiting is the worst bit! 

I think so too. He has a nice manner. I first met him at the colposcopy appointment and he put me at ease there.

I feel a little bit like my rational and irrational brain are fighting each other!! X

It’s lovely that he was nice and also that you had a phone call. That was kind. I also saw there was ‘nothing visible’ on your post info.  So all pretty positive.


i could see/was shown abnormal cells and I’m sitting waiting.


Good luck x

Hi Ladies,

I hope your all well. Have nay of you heard about your results yet? 



I have my pre op tomorrow and booked in for GA ok Tuesday.


Still not entirely sure what procedure I am having as I still have no letter or anything.


I'm just concerned that if my colposcopy looked clear but the biopsies showed pre cancerous cells it may indicate a problem higher up in my cervix.


I am scheduled for treatment for endometriosis in two months so hope I've recovered by then.


How is everyone else?



I hope today goes ok and hopefully they will tell you more information about what is going on. Im in tomorrow to get my resultls and 2nd LLETZ so I will let you know how it goes. I just cant get my head around how much everyones treatment is different. Some are extreme for what seems minor grades and then others dont seem to do as much for the same thing. I know everyone is different but you just can judge anything can you. Can wait for tomorrow to be over and I know whats going on with my body!


Hi haylesd

Totally agree everyone's journey is so different. I'm not really any further forward. At pre OP the nurse said she couldn't say exactly what procedure I was having but that she was assessing me for GA and the surgeon will go through the procedure with me on Tuesday morning when I sign the consent form.

How are you? How did it all go? I see from the signature change you were unable to get the 2nd LLETZ? 



How did yesterday go for you? I can see you had LLETZ, was this under GA? Have they given you any ideas as to what they have found? How are you feeling after LLETZ?

My app went as well as it could I suppose. Graded and 1A2 with unclear margins on one side, wanted to perform another LLETZ but couldnt as he said it would be extremely painful for me after due to the small amount of cervix that was left. Booked for hyst on 15th October. All very overwhelming and alot to take in, just so thankful for this group.

I hope your results dont take long, im thinking of you.


I had severe high abnormal cells that were suppose to be removed by leep treatment in February, but come that day she couldn't do it as the cells were more abnormal and she took other biopsies instead...She said I had precancer and I had the cone treatment in April and got the all clear in may...I now just go for my follow up...Like you, I had to go in for my results too even with the all clear with clear margins I had to see her...It's scary I know as I just got the first call saying "dr scheduled you for a leep" without even knowing what for. I guess they need to be vague until they know for sure...The only time my doctor sat down with me and told me all results was when she said "it was not cancer and it was a precancer" and that was after 2 biopsies on two different days, 2 colposcopies, pelvic exam you name it she did..All this started in Novemenber and I never got my results until the end of March when  she scheduled for the cone after she had all results in...Everytime I asked, she kept saying "we won't know until the results come  in"...So yeah, its scary and the waiting can seem like a lifetime as your mind always goes to the worse. Try to relax...I know its easy for me to say because I couldn't relax when people told me, but I have come to realize that she knew something wasn't right and just kept sending me for more tests and biopsies as she wasn't sure how damaged it was or what grade, but with the time frame I had to wait for results, if it was serious, she wouldn't have me wait all that time for appointments. This was a new doctor I  had, and she did tell me after all that, that she doesn't like to discuss results until everything is in and she knew for sure...She has 40 yrs of experience, so I trust her judgement. Yep, I did the research on her to find out how good she is lol because like everyone else, you don't trust the doctor and you wonder if they're making a mistake meanwhile your life could be in danger...Okay so you can call me paranoid, but I wasn't told nothing and when it comes to my health, no doctor is telling me the truth in my eyes. lol