Phone call from dr tolled not to worry

Got diagnosed a few weeks ago now got a phone call from the Dr today saying results in from scans and they have found something in my throat I have to go for ultra sound but they are not worried about it OMG I’m worried

Hi Leanne :-)

If the doctor tells you not to worry you are not to worry. It takes a huge amount of study to become a doctor and really, they do know what they are talking about. One of the troubles with a cancer diagnosis is that every single little bit of you gets studied really closely. All of us whether we are fit and well or not, have tiny little things going on inside us that aren't quite perfect but are nothing at all to worry about. You've had no symptoms in your throat to go to a doctor separately about, but because they are looking at all of you they have managed to find something probably trivial, probably harmless that they want to check out. If it looked anything at all like cancer they would not have told you not to worry.

Be lucky :-)

Thank-you xx I'm trying not to 

Hi. This is very probably your thyroid gland, and very probably nothing whatsoever to do with your cervix! A thyroid can get a bit nodular at times. Hope all is ok xxx

How weird!! I had a letter last week saying exactly the same thing!! After talking to my docs and doing some research,apparently if every human had a PET scan something like 50% of us would show uptake on the thyroid. I'm incredibly thin and have suffered from low energy the past 2 years, I have suspected a thyroid issue. I've also been told not to worry but because there is a small uptake on the PET it is best practise for them to check it out. It is not cervical cancer related! Don't worry xx

Thank-you xx

Hi there I had exactly the same last summer. Doctors referred me for ultrasound with fine needle biopsy (I had 2 very small nodules). Some confusion followed regarding results but it seems the rssults from this test can be difficult to analyse- so there's a 50/50 chance that can be correct!

in my case I was referred to ent consultant to discuss options as the results were inconclusive.

the options presented to me were surgery to remove half thyroid or regular monitoring.

Given what I (and lots on this forum) had been through I opted for surgery for piece of mind.

consultant advised there was a 2/3 chance results would be clear- and he was right! He also said this is a "downside " to the pet scan - it highlighting things and causing extra investigation that may have otherwise not been required.

I must admit when doct kept saying don't worry - I did , it's human nature!!!! But in hindsight there was no need. 

So try not to worry the chances are everything will be fine.



Thank-you xx