Hi all....after routine smear  i have had a letter saying i have high grade dyskaryosis and i have a colpscopy booked for 17th dec.... ive been having bleeding between periods (well between withdrawl bleeds as im on Marvelon pill) for a year now.... so im absolutely petrified i have CC.... literally just keep crying.


The letter the hospital sent says i need to tell the doctor the date of my last menstrual period.... and that they can't do the examination if im on my period on the 17th. The thing is im due to finish my pill pack on 15th.... meaning i will be having a withdrawal bleed on day of my appointment :(


II really don't want to reschedle as my irregular bleeding is making me worry even more that i already have CC..... I have tried in the past running two packs together but it never works, i get breakthrough bleeding. Would i just be better stopping my pill today to bring on withdrawal bleed, so that it's all done by my appointment > Im not having sex atm anyway as way too freaked out for that.


I really don't want to put my colposcopy appt back as it would mean leaving it until after the new year :(

Try not to worry I had this letter too and had the treatment, all seems fine now. Yes I would stop the pill now to bring your period forward, I have done this before if going on holiday. Good luck on the 17th xxx

Thank you Kerry. Glad everything went well with your treatment xx 



Yes go for it, the wait is bad enough without having to worry about rescheduling. Best of luck xx