Petrified. Post-coital, pain (children mentioned)

Hi all. feeling very alone and scared right about now! I was a frequent visitor to this great forum a few years ago after the birth of my youngest daughter. I went through the whole colposcopy experience after irregular bleeding and Cin1, I chose to have it treated and was eventually discharged from colposcopy clinic last summer. Not expecting to have my next smear for another three years you can imagine my dismay at having to have one after post coital bleeding began when I finally met a lovely new partner back in September last year. previous to this, I began having ovary pain on my right side since about April 2012. I've had two ultra sounds, full STI check and my smear (roughly 8 weeks ago) was normal. 3 examinations by a dr, gynae dr and nurse found no abnormality of the cervix. I have no periods due to being on the depo. Difficulty with number twos and pain in my left leg. I visited my gp on numerous occasions last year, only to be told it was my bowels. I'm in constant pain with my ovary and cried my eyes out after sex last night, lots and lots of bright red blood :( waiting to be referred back to Colp clinic, waiting for a laparoscopy. This waiting is horrible and I just needed to put down my thoughts somewhere where someone might relate.. thanks for reading. Kate xxxx

Hi Kate I know exactly what your feeling although I don't have children. About 2 years ago I started with post coital bleeding and pain, I am on cerazette so do not have periods. This has continued and I've  been getting bad abdo pain for a long time. And sharp pain from the inside of my hip down my legs. I had ultrasounds and a laparoscopy in october which found nothing at all and I was told it was possibly gastro related. I was under the gynae any way for CIN 1&2 and long my last colposcopit my cervix ruptured and he finally saw the evidence of what happens with my cervix post coitally. I ended up having to have cold coagulation to stop it bleeding and was told this should stop the problem but 2 weeks after the cod coagulation I started spotting daily and over this past week it has got heavier ad I'm getting abdo pain again too now and what feels like cervix I don't know where I am at really. My smear and biopsy from he colposcopy have come  back fine so I am relieved in that respect. But at present it's putting my relationship on hold as my partners terrified that he is going to hurt me or make the bleeding worse. So I am back to square one and don't know where to go from here. I hope you find some reassurance in that ramble somewhere

megan Xx

Hi Megan thanks so much for your response, great to relate to you and your symptoms, but also sorry we’re both experiencing such a frightening scenario. That’s fantastic that your smear and biopsy has come back fine! Very reassuring! Sorry to hear you’re bleeding again, do you think it may have been a bit too soon after cold coagulation to try again and your cervix wasn’t fully healed? I had cold coagulation to treat my CIN1 two years ago, I remember bleeding for a while afterwards. Could your pill be causing the bleeding? I really relate to feeling like the relationship is being put on hold, i have just this morning offered to ‘halt’ my relationship, we haven’t been together that long and I’m a mess as it is so wasn’t sure I could focus on our relationship but he has said he’ll support me. I’ve just come back from the doctors this morning. Doctor was concerned and I have been referred back up to the colposcopy clinic and referred for a laparoscopy with hysteroscopy, urgently. im guessing the bleeding is from the cervix, higher up or my uterus. Absolutely terrified. Xxxx

Hi Kate, my consultant told me that as long as I want bleeding and any watery fluid had stopped to resume normal activity, so we did once that was fine for about 4 days n then started again. the consultant said it was bleeding from the endocervical canal or something. But I have just had a letter to day from him saying  he wants me to go back to clinic to see him again. So I'm pleased. I think it's put my mum at ease too as she's been worried sick. Don't be too scared if you can help it...easily said than done I know. My laparoscopy was ok the worst bit is the trapped wind you get in your shoulders and back, it can be uncomfortable x. Xx

Let me know how you get on hun, when are you due to see the consultant? Xxxx

he's asked me to phone and book into a's abit difficult though as I work all week and I don't want to explain why I have to go as its embarrassing. Do you have an appointment? X

Aw can you make another excuse? No, was referred on Tuesday so hoping the week after next? Xxxx

 I've just been vague about it lol. I've actually had a letter off the consultant today saying he's booked me in to his clinic on the 6th feb! X

Hi hun, that's not too far off so that's great. I'll pop back see how you get on xxx

Colposcopy tomorrow and consultant on Wednesday... Eeek scared now xx