petrified of what happens next

During my smear the nurse said she couldn’t continue due to me having a polyp so the doctor looked and managed the smear but she said it didn’t look like an average polyp as it is fleshly and it bleed during the smear so i have been immediately referred for an colposcopy i haven’t had any symptoms but its 9yrs since my last smear and 3yrs before that i had abnormal results and had a colposcopy it was successful. Im now really frightened that it’s alot more sinister this time has anyone had anything similar im 43 with two young children and my general health is ok my annual health check and blood tests were all ok

Hi ive just been thru the same thing, ive just had loop treatment yestereday to remove what they think was a polyp my results came back CIN 111 but no cancer, but the nurse saw something on my cervix during the colposcopy examination, if you get loop treatment to remove it please do not worry it is not painful just a bit uncomfortable but it is over in minutes.

I have to wait now for results to come back, i am a bit like you, the nurse i got for colposcopy exam she was saying i dont like what i see (meaning polyp), but the doctor yesterday her  attitude yesterday was like she didnt say much did the treatment then said thats it you will get results if there is something wrong you will have to come back, if not go to docs for smear in 6 months,


so i will just have to wait and see what my results are !!!


good luck to you xx



Hi there, try not to worry too much, if there is something wrong they will get back to you quickly. If you haven't heard after a week then give bthem a call. The nurses understand what a worry it is when something doesn't look right. Keeping busy is easier said than done, but you will cope better if you are occupied. I'll be thinking of you. All the ladies on here know how it feels to wait for a result. Vent on here!