PET Scans

Hiya folks...just a wonderment no point during my diagnosis, operation or treatment did I have a PET consultant thought it unnecessary. Anyone had one, or didn't? Why do some people have them and I did not? Much love to all xxx

I had a pet scan a few days after I was diagnosed. I have noticed some people do and some people don't myself and I don't know why either, I'd say probably down to the likely hood it may have spread maybe or just your luck :/ xx

I had Ct and MRI's but no PET. 

I had an MRI after diagnosis then an MRI a couple of times after. The only time I’ve had a PET was when they thought I had a recurrance but that was a PET/CT scan, when they inject you with the radioactive stuff! I also had a CT and ultrasound but again they were when they thought I had a recurrance.

My consultant only seems to use the MRI for the routine stuff.

Ali x

Hi :-)

I get only CTs and X-rays, never had an MRI. I guess it depends very much upon what equipment is available locally and how much it's being used already. I was told by a friend who is a doctor that a PET scan would be great because as far as I understand it, a PET scan is just a CT scan that shows up rapid growth. Whatever kind of scan you have it can easily be compared with the one you had before and that will show up any significant physiological changes.

Analogy; It doesn't really matter whether you take a bus, a taxi or drive yourself, you still get to the hospital :-)

Be lucky :-)




I don't think very many places have a PET scan machine so unless your consulatnt feels it is vital you have one, they probably won't do one. 


Cancer research has a good article on what PET scans do, but basically they show any cancer (as well as some other diseases) so if they find something abnormal it is an effective way to see if it is benign or maligment (can't spell them). The way it works is you are injected with radioactive stuff and glucose. Cancer cells absorb the glucose a lot faster than normal cells so when you go under the scan machine any disease will light up on the scan. 

I think they are good to get a more definate answer. As my consultant says it is a lot harder to prove something isn't there than is so I persume they like to do these extra tests to cover their back. 


I hope this helps



Thanks for your replies. I have found myself double guessing my consultant on many occasions. They have a PET machine locally. He says there was no need to do one, so I am presuming (hopefully) he thinks there is little likelihood of spread! My tumour was a little unusual in that it was growing outwards from the vaginal tip of the cervix, not inwards and upwards towards the uterus. I think this is good :-/ 

Amy gives a good description of the PET scan, I thought I’d glow for days afterwards lol!

They are also crazy expensive, I had mind done on my work health insurance and the invoice I saw was about £1200 just for the one scan. The PET/CT I was given was very much to try and confirm the cancer, as the scans and biopsies were giving different results.
So I would guess in your case, where there is a machine locally, he just doesn’t feel a need. Which is a good thing I guess!