PET scan inconclusive a swell

Hi girls, 

I posted a few weeks ago about my MRI being inconclusive I have since had a pet ct scan, I got the results yesterday and they were inconclusive also they still aren't sure wether it's residual cancer or scar tissue :-( 
My cervix is the only area of concern which I take to be good news fingers crossed and I also believe as they aren't sure either way this is also good news, the gynea nurse said that when she looked at the results they looked fine but the consultant wanted to investigate further as he wanted to be absolutely sure.
I am going to be discussed with a surgeon on Thursday as they want to do a biopsy, I feel very apprehensive and really don't know what to think at this stage.
Has anyone else experienced this and had a good outcome? I'm so worried.

Hi Laura,


Biopsy is common practise if MRI is inconclusive. Most of the time the biopsy comes back clear so try and remain positive.  


All the best

Hi Feedback,


thanks for for your post I appreciate it, I am starting to feel positive and not so worried as am sure it will come back clear xx


I had the same thing three years ago and I was so scared (and the docs were so convinced it was a recurrence) that I didn't even want to have the biopsies.

It's a good thing I had them after all, because it turned out to be some sort of fibrosis, which gradually disappeared from the PET scans.

So good luck and try to stop worrying.


Big Hugs