PET next

Hello ladies. Am due for my PET scan on Monday, then meet with gyn-oncologist Tuesday. All signs seem to point to chemorads, given the size of tumour. They gave me two measurements of what was removed by LLETZ:

2.3 x 1.4cm and
2.5 x 6?? cm

…with current tumour at 1.1 cm

Does that sound right? She made me feel like it was huge :disappointed:.

So, I know why they’re doing the PET, to make super sure about lymph node involvement; but why not just eliminate the possibility of hysterectomy altogether if it’s so slim? Am already resigned to the idea of the chemorads route, but they won’t say outright that RH is out of the picture completely.




I dont think they’ll commit to anything until every test possible is complete. I totally get your frustration. Im going insane just now waiting on getting my PET scan next Friday to see if its scar tissue or remaining tumour. Even if it does light up I think they’ll still wait until biopsies are complete. I really hope though they start the process of prepping for surgery with the PET scan results rather than wait goodness knows how long for biopsies!

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Exactly. It just seems endless - even if it is for good reason. A part of you just thinks, god this is slow…and time is precious.

Update us please. Going for pet scan results today. Each step is more traumatic than the last. God be with us!