pet-ct scan tomorrow, getting nervous....


I've been going through a lengthy diagnosis since my positive smear in August.

I've got a PET-CT scan tomorrow and I'm getting that awful nervous feeling in my stomach. Mostly I'm able to push the panic and the negative thoughts out of my mind, but today i'm struggling !

Any words of encouragement would be appreciated xx

How did it go? I'm sorry that you have no replies xx

They rang me first thing to cancel it. Some problem with the isotopes. It's rebooked  for tomorrow. Another day taking it easy...


Hi Meraud

Before I replied I had a look at your signature - still working out how to do mine, lol.  It must be awful to have had this hanging over your head for months so I'm sure you must be really stressed. Let's keep everything crossed that your scan goes ahead tomorrow then they can work out your treatment. You are going through the worse possible stage at the moment and will feel better when you have a clear treatment plan ahead. I remember this so well and it nearly sent me mad. Luckily my hospital had everything running really quickly, which to be honest left me scared it was more serious than it actually turned out to be.

Please let us know how you get on and I wish you the very best for your treatment. It gets better once you know what their plans are xx

Hi Helen

It seems to be a very long drawn out process. I live in the back of beyond and my local hospital is in special measures. They had to send one of my biopsy samples off for a second opinion which slowed things down. Then it was the xmas break and someone forgot to order my MRI scan. And to top it off the company handling the PET-scan seem worse than incompetent. So I do feel slightly like i'm on the edge of a nervous breakdown... I'm ok most of the time but everything feels so out of my control at the moment. 

Anyway i've had a little moan now so everything feels a bit better, lol.


Aww bless, you have a good moan and not one lady on this site would blame you. You'll soon feel more confident when everything is in place. I was a complete mess at your stage, I really was xx