Personal question...


…No point in beating around the bush, so I’ll jump straight in…apologies in advance!

My question is…are you ladies still having sex while undergoing treatment and investigations?

I had the cold coagulation treatment in January and have since had my 6 month smear and went back to colposcopy, where more biopsies were taken. The results came back today, to be discussed at the MDT meeting on the 10th August.

I have a high sex drive and really can’t live without it! I know…crazy! My partner is concerned that he’s making things worse “up there” and is worrying.

This is a question that I should have asked when I was last at colposcopy a fortnight since, but forgot…doh!

Thank you
Emma x

Hi Emma

The only time during the process that Mr M and I abstained was the 4-5 weeks after the LLETZ treatment, to give it time to heal and avoid the risk of infection. Apart from that,, I don't think it does any harm ;-) Other than that I think it's fine to carry on with your usual level of enthusiasm!!