Personal independence payment

Hi guys,


Just a quick question, I have currently started a claim for PIP due to side effects I have suffered since treatment last year. Has anyone on here claimed it? How long did it take and also did you have to go for an assessment? I put my claim in in April and have just spoken to someone at ATOS who said my claim is under review to see if I need an assessment or not.

Hope everyone is as well as they can be.

thanks in advance x

Hello Laura.  I think that PIP was previously known as DLA here in Northern Ireland where I live.  I have been receiving DLA since July 2013 following the side effects from my treatments.  I was helped to fill in the form by the social workers who are based at the hospital.  It runs out in Jan 2015 and I have already been sent  the renewal form from them.  I am having help to get this one filled in from Citizens Advice, as they can be a minefield.  

Initially it took 12 weeks or so, to get word back that I was getting DLA and it was backdated to the date of the claim, and it  was awarded it for 18 months. As I said they've sent me another form for renewal as I think it takes them so long  to process it.  Hopefully you will be succesful in your claim and will hear soon.


Hi Laura, I have applied for PIP this week as went back to work and now am getting lots of problems due to treatment 3 years ago not sure if I will qualify let me know how you get on x

 Cant believe it takes so long!


Hi Debbie,

really sorry to here you are having problems.

Becky xx