Persistent low grade dyskaryosis and potential treatment?

Hi Ladies, New here.

I had my colposcopy yesterday, and going in i wasn’t too concerned as my smear came back as Low grade with HPV, which i have had before so not my first colposcopy, However…

When I sat down with the doctor she held up my file and said ’ I can see your not new here’. She went on to say she is concerned i have had low grade changes since 2016, and still have them after 5 years ( last smear in 2018 was clear and no HPV present and went back to 3 year smears, Doctor said she doesn’t count this). She said she is concerned my immune system is not clearing the changes and if my biopsy still shows low grade changes she will call me in to discuss what to do next, as she thinks we should treat them.

I was blindsided by this a bit, Has anyone had treatment for Persistent ow grade? or had Low grade at smear which turned out to be more?

I feel like she has prepared me for bad news. I have a feeling in my gut to expect something more than low grade when the appointment comes through.

I just feel it very odd she said she would ’ call me in to discuss treatment’.

She also said during there was a patch she could see which she wanted to Biopsy.

Just looking for similar experiences as so far i havent found anyone who has had treatment for low grade changes.

thanks :smile:

Hiya, i think if it is persistant low grade changes they do often do treatment (or offer) after some years, doesn’t mean it’s got worse just because they think it will be less likely to clear after years of no change - i am sure you can get the final say though x

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