Persistent hpv16, CIN3 and treatments

I've had persistent hpv 16 and three treatments (2 x LLetz, cone biopsy) to remove CIN3 since 2017. My gyne has said that in his 26 year career he has never seen the abnormal cells return so quickly in anyone and I’m wondering if anyone else on this forum has experienced this? During these 3 years of ongoing treatment I have had one child. After having my child three months ago I recently had a repeat hpv test to see if my body had cleared the infection and unfortunately it hasn’t. I feel quite disheartened as I read somewhere (I’ve done way too much googling!) that if your body hasn’t cleared it in 2 years it most likely will never clear it and I now feel that I am just waiting to be diagnosed with one of the various types of cancers hpv 16 is linked to. Does anyone have any experience of clearing a high risk hpv after 3 years or more? If so did you do anything to help your body along? 



I’m considering having a radical  trachelectomy (ideally like to have another child first) as I am dreading the day that the results come back as cancer rather than CIN3. 


Any support from anyone going through a similar thing would be appreciated! 

hi, I had persistent hpv 16, early cancer 1a1 then lletz then cone biopsy. Clear for around 2 years then cin 2 returned so had another lletz. Ive since had negative hpv test. Im not sure if anything I did helped but I did stop smoking, stopped taking the mini pill and tried really hard to eat healthy and take vitamins. Hopefully the trach if you have it will finally clear you of this horrible virus.

Thanks for your post Libby123. It does give me hope to hear of someone who has cleared a persistent high risk hpv infection. I won't be going back on the pill now in case there is a link with it and am going to really try and get healthy and take vitamins etc

Hi Libby123,

I am so glad to read your comment, that you had a negative Hpv test for Hpv 16 after 2 years? When the Cin2 come back, did you know it, because of symptoms/ or because of regular check-up?


Thank you, Spring seasons