Persistent HPV

I have persistent HPV (had it since 2009 at least). Previously had CIN1 and CIN2 changes that went away without treatment. CIN1 changes have returned, and have been referred for repeat smear in 12 months. HPV has been present (I think) for previous 12 years. I had a clear smear test a few years ago, so thought HPV had cleared, but since realised it wouldn't have checked for HPV so likely it never went away. I started new relationship when I'd assumed HPV clear. How much should I worry about HPV (that I obviously can't clear) being in my mouth/throat (I have given partner oral sex during/after vaginal sex), and my partner having HPV in his mouth/throat from oral sex. I guess he'll have caught it, but I have to hope his body will clear it? But, I know I can't clear it, and I'm worried it's in my mouth/throat and will cause me problems there too :-( Should I be so worried? 

I'd send a message on this website to ask the expert for an answer on this.

great question by the way 

i’m really interested to read that you have hpv but your abnormal cells still wen’t away - i didn’t know that was a thing, so you don’t have to clear the hpv for them to go away? really relieving if so!
i have also worried about hpv in other areas, am planning on asking at my appointment