Persistent HPV

I've had HPV positive results on all of my smear tests since my first at 25 (now nearly 29). I've also had low grade CIN1 abnormal cells which were monitored for 12 months and then removed using Lletz procedure in March. I went for my follow up 6 month smear check a couple of weeks ago and was really hoping for the all clear and to go back to normal screening. My result says I'm still HPV positive and need to go back to colposcopy for further screening. I'm so worried about the continual positive results for HPV and future complications this may bring. I'm considering coming off the pill and taking high dose AHCC for 6 months to try and boost my immune system. Has anyone tried similar, or anybody else been in a similar situation and can give advice? I know I'm probably overreacting but it's such a constant worry! 


My second smear test showed I had HPV but no cell changes. One year later I had HPV and low grade change and I had my 12 month follow up last week so waiting on the results from that to see if the HPV and cell changes are still there. Inbetween my smears I've had two children which I thought might have suppressed my immune system and kept the HPV active. I decided not to take any further contraception after my pregnancies as I've heard diff things on how contraceptives can impact HPV. I just focused on trying to be super healthy and boost my immune system. I have also considered having the HPV vaccine as I have read some articles that suggest it could still help shift the virus but nothing concrete.