Persistent HPV no abnormal cells

I’ve got quite a long history with abnormal cells over the last 10 years. So after my first smear test about 10 years ago, I had to have 2 lletz procedures followed by 6 biopsies over last 10 years. The treatment was successful at the time and I went on to have my 2 boys. Had a normal smear so was put back into the normal system at GP surgery. Anyway my last 3 smears have shown hpv, no abnormal cells so I was referred for colposcopy yesterday. Unfortunately they couldn’t perform an accurate one as I don’t have much of a cervix left apparently. They are going to talk about my treatment in their next MDT meeting. A hysterectomy was mentioned but I was just wondering if anyone is going through the same thing? I’m just confused as surely no abnormal
Cells is a good thing. I just can’t understand why my body isn’t clearing the hpv.