Persistent HPV/low grade

Hi, everybody.

Got my 6 month follow up smear results today and sadly I'm back to colposcopy!  My changes are low grade but I still have HPV.  Poo!

Trying to be VERY RATIONAL about it and largely succeeding.  It just sucks that LLETZ didn't work 100% as all the stuff they just sent me says "treatment is almost 100% effective."

Feeling oddly guilty like maybe I haven't looked after myself well enough or worked too hard?  Now had evidence of HPV for more than a year.

Anybody who has done this and come out with normal smears later on, please let me know...


Just to say, called the hospital and they already had my referral letter.  Offered to fit me in on Tuesday!  Amazing service, NHS, well done.  So the anxious wait won't be too long at least.


Hi Libby

I am your hope story! I had my first abnormal smear in 2005 (first ever smear at 25). I had abnormal smears the entire time, 2 rounds of Lletz and I thought it was never going to end! Until last year, I had my first smear and first no evidence of HPV. So that was a LOT of years! I was sent back to 3 yearly recall. I actually have my first (one year later) private smear and HPV test a week on Monday, as I just couldn't imagine going 3 years without being checked.

I absolutely know how you are feeling and it completely sucks! However, please PLEASE feel confident in the fact you are being checked and closely monitored. One thing I did (whether or not this is the reason why) but I read that folic acid and something called L-Lysene has been proven in trials abroad in clearing abnormalities. I gave both of those things ago, then ended up with clear. It could be coincidence but I didn't see the harm and they're both natural. Plus, the L-Lysene works on coldsores, double bonus! I also ate loads of tomatoes. Everything I read I tried! Oh and green tea too!

I'll be thinking of you, as I know it feels never ending and as soon as you're through one lot of results, the next check-up is here! It takes over your life, planning when you can't go on holiday, when you can't do this or that. Good luck Libby, it can be done!

Let us know how you get on.

Erika x

Thank you so much, Erika!  Which L-lysine did you take?  I also read today that something called DIM which is in broccoli (although much higher doses in tablets) can help.  Did you just drink green tea or take the tablets?

It's so lovely of you to reply.  

Thanks x

Hi Libby

I just drink green tea. I try for at least 3 cups a day. It's a bit yucky so I get the pineapple and grapefruit flavour! The L-Lysene, I went into Holland and Barrett (hope i'm allowed to say that) and asked for the strongest ones they had. Haven't heard of the broccoli one, so might have to give that a go too. I'll be rattling soon!


Erika x

Aw libby just seen this. Sorry you didnt get the all clear this time, but as you have said it is low grade changes....I asked the nurse at my smear a couple of weeks ago about the hpv and she said some people just need a little longer to get rid of it.

So fab youre being seen quickly, let me know how you get on xx