Persistent High Risk HPV



I have recently recieved my smear test results back. No abnormal cells have been found, however I have tested positive for High Risk HPV.

I know that I have 'persistant High Risk HPV', as I have been with my current partner for 8 years, so the very latest I could have caught HPV was 8 years ago, in which case, it is not clearing.

Does persistant HPV always lead to abnormal cells? If not always, what are the chances of this happenning now that I know I have a persitnat infection? I just feel that I am now waiting for abnormal results. 

The GP says that I will now have yearly smears, however they will not refer me for colposcapy. I really wish they would as like I said, I know I have persistant HPV and have done so for a long time (between 8-15 years), and I know that PAP's can miss things.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated as I am feeling depressed :(




Hiya, like you I also have persistant HPV, but I had previous abnormalities that that were treated so have been referred back to colposcopy. This is a tricky one... I know its naughty, but could you suddenly develop "pain" or "some spotting"?.. they would have to see you then if you are really worried. I know they have protocols to follow but sometimes I don't think doctors see the big picture (probably because they are overworked which isn't their fault).


J xxx

Hi Lawa, 

No, persistent HPV doesn't always lead to abnormal cells. However, the reason they have put you on more regular smear tests is because your body has been unable to clear HPV on its own, so you do have a higher chance of it creating abnormalities. BUT, the good thing is that this is to help prevent a worrying scenario, rather than it being a worrying scenario in itself. Because you've been tested for HPV before you've even got any abnormalities, and been put on more regular smear tests because of it, any abnormalities you do develop are likely to be caught at an extremely early stage. Keep in mind that it tends to take years and years for abnormalities to develop and then years for them to develop further so, in this situation you've actually prevented a serious situation from developing! If you do happen to develop abnormalities, they will be caught at an early stage because of your frequent smear tests and are extremely easy to treat at that stage and unlikely to come back after that. 

It's also worth keeping in mind that the new type of 'brush' smear test is much better than the last one at picking up abnormalities, so the overwhelming likelihood is that any abnormality would be picked up on. 

I hope this helps set your mind at rest. 

Love, Annabel. x

Thanks for helping me put my mind at rest guys :)


Thanks for helping me put my mind at rest guys :)


Thanks for helping me put my mind at rest guys :)