Persistent CIN - failed treatment for 2nd time & scared


It seems my nightmare goes on ... Since 2009 I've had abnormal smears. I had LLETZ with clear margins in 2011 and at my 6 month check the cells were already becoming abnormal. In 2013 I had laser treatment and LLETZ to remove several abnormal areas. I've had my 6th month follow up and the biopsy result has shown CIN 1 once again. 

It seems that the treatment just isn't working as the margins have been clear, and that scares me. I've always tried to look after myself too - healthy eating, I'm a healthy weight, I exercise and I don't smoke. 

There's so little info for ladies wth persistent CIN, and that makes it harder. 

I'm toally gutted.


I really do feel your pain and frustration over lack of support for us peeps with persistent problems. All I can tell you as you already know I had clear margins on all of my lletz treatments and every six months they came back cin3 but after my third lletz I have finally got a clear smear. But I know your fear well, you cant help but think the worst. Wishing you all the best xxxx

I have just PM'd you but wanted to send my love on here as well.

Really sorry to hear your news. Have they given any indication of what the next steps would be?


Thanks both of you for taking the time to post, I really appreciate it.

I'm waiting for another hospital so will see what they say then.

Take care both of you, and thanks again xxx