Persistant HPV - pregnancy and loss mentioned

Hi everyone,


I'm one of the one's who's HPV doesn't bugger off... after LLETZ treatment in 2006 I had HR HPV found 2 years ago and CIN1 and new smear (results today) still says I have HR HPV :-(


I know it's not CC and I'm glad they're keeping an eye... but I'm absolutely fed-up.. I've had 5 misscarriages, 4 lots of fertility treatment and far too much prodding around down there by doctors and still no family. :-(

Knowing I have HR HPV really affects me sexually, I don't feel comfortable being as intimate as I would like with my husband. Coupled with the above, it puts a real strain on our relationship.

I know there are ladies on here that are going through really tough and uncertain times and feel guilty for posting about this.


I would love to hear from other ladies in a similar situation.



love and hugs



I'm not in an identical situation by any means, but I can very much empathise with your feelings. It's such a nasty little virus isn't it?! What feelings about the virus would you say affect intimacy with your husband? The way I think of having the virus is that it is extremely common for people to have it at one time or another. Most people will never know they have it. I think 80% of people have it at some time in their lives (I don't know whether that just means high-risk HPV, or any of the HPVs). You should not feel guilty about posting here; you've gone through an awful lot and I'm not surprised you are feeling fed up. Have you had counselling at all? Miscarriages are awful things to go through, and so's IVF, and it sounds like you could really benefit from having somebody to talk to about those things and also about the effects on your relationship. In some areas of the country you can self-refer for counselling etc. on the NHS, or you can go through your GP xxx

Hi Spacebunny,

I'm another who can't clear the HPV virus. I had my first abnormal smear in 2009 and not had a clear one since, in spite of treatment twice. Margins have been clear, the cells just keep changing. I've tried all sorts to boost my immune system, never smoked, not overweight, healthy llifestyle etc... but still it won't go away. I can relate to your feelings about being fed up. I feel very low about it, especially as I'm counting down to my next colposcopy. 

I feel for you what you've been through re the IVF and miscarriages, I'm so sorry you've had this extra blow on top of everything else. 

I can also relate to having HR-HPV affecting things from an intimacy persective. It's years since my last relationship, and the thought of a man coming near me in that way just makes me feel sick. 

You're not alone, there are a few of us about who are trying to cope with persistent CIN, although it feels there isn't much for info or support for us.

Hope you're ok, take care x

Thank you both for your support. I've had my colposcopy date (end of April) so will have to wait until then. So frustrating. I have an appointment at the recurrent miscarriage clinic the week after - happy times!!! :-/


Twilight - I've tried to clear it as well... I'm prettty healthy, I tried those mushrooms for a bit and also DIM... don't smoke, don't drink much but am a bit of a worrier, so I know that's not good.


I have had some counselling a few years ago after misscarriage number 3... but now I'm facing complete loss of fertility as I'm perimenopausal (I've just turned 34) so may have to go back for more... just not easily available in our area (unless you pay privately for it and with IVF costs that's really not an option).


Love and hugs


Space xxx