Persistant Cystitus

Hi Everyone,


I am new to this forum and would like to hear from anyone who has completed their treatment and are suffering/have suffered from cystitus?

I was diagnosed in May 2014 with stage 2b cervical cancer and had 7 weeks of radiotherapy, 2 chemotherapies and 3 bracytherapies. Post treatment results are looking very positive.

While things are looking good, I am still suffering from persistant cystitus and diareha. This is six months after my treatment although the bracytherapy was working 6 months after my last ttreament.

Is this likely to go away? I'd appreciate any advice from those who have suffered similar.


Best wishes.




Hi Lorraine,

I was also stage 2b and had the same treatment as you followed by surgery. 

I also suffered with persistent diahorrea 5/6 months after my last brachy.    It lasted for a month and was really severe, and the tablets didnt touch it !!  The Drs recommended (after tests etc....) I keep a food diary and we noticed that too much fruit in my diet or caffine and it returns .......  now I manage without tablets and just watch what I eat ........ the only problem is I have now put on weight and feel a tad chubby !!

Have a chat with your GP - hopefully yours is as good as mine and will help

take care