Persistant cell changes

Hey, im wondering if anyone else has been in a similar position and can adivse… ive had abnormal smears from my first ever one. Each one ive been hpv+ and had cell changes. 2017 i had a lletz procedure done. Since then, ive had yearly smears as they’re all still abnormal. At my most recent coloposcopy 08.2023 i was told that they were unable to biopsy or get a clear view due to the scar tissue and it being inside my cervix which they couldnt access?! I was then told I’d be being put forward for another lletz procedure to remove everything again - but im unsure how they would do this if they can’t access it to view?! Has anyone been in a similar situation? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, I expect they would take another sample from the cervix using the loop- most cellular changes are around the transformation zone, around the centre of the cervix. when they send it off to the lab they can analyse it more carefully and check the margins are clear.