Peripheral neuropathy

Good evening all.

i finished my treatment in 2006. I was given 6 weeks radiotherapy and 17 hours internal radiotherapy along with 6 weeks chemo (cisplatin).  I am thankfully cancer free.  However over the last 5 years I have been experiencing numbness in my feet. It started in my left pinky toe but has gradually spread to both feet. I have tingling and electric shock like feelings in both feet and no strength in my toes which has affected my walking. Initially I naturally thought I had the cancer back and was reluctant to go back to the drs. Eventually I got the courage to go and saw a neurologist. He shrugged and said that it is damage from my chemo and that there is no treatment.  I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if you have any suggestions?

many thanks 


I have only completed treatment 6 weeks ago, but I have developed similar symptoms in my toes. I was also told that it was due to the cisplatin. I haven't discussed it as yet with my Oncologist, but I gather it's just a put up with it job. 



I finished my cancer treatment January 2016 and I am already seeing similar symptoms as you unfortunately. I am getting increasing pins and needles feelings in my feet and also a tightening feeling in my calves. I have already been diagnosed with having radiation damages to my hips & am showing signs of oesteoporosis. My friends and family have all commented that I kinda of wobbly now when I walk lol! 

Diagnosed Stage 2b Pelvic node positive October 2015

5 x chemo 

25 x radiotherapy 

3 x brachytherapy 

all clear April 2016 onwards

radiation damage to hips & bowel

My legs  n hips ache  especially  when  im resting 8 weeks  post  treatment 

Aww I'm sorry to hear this ladies.  I was concerned that I had developed ms or something. Suppose I should be thankful that I am still here 11 years on just did not realise that I would still be experiencing side affects this far down the line. 

Best of luck to you all

Christine x