Periods post lletz

Hi everyone, 

I had my lletz in December and have had 2 periods since then, the first was only a couple of weeks after lletz so I was still healing. I had another in January and I seemed to spot about a week before the proper period started, I am about 10 days away from my next period and it looks like I'm about to start spotting again. 

My results were fine, CIN2 and clear margins and another smear in 6 months. I just wondered if anyone else has had similar changes to their periods after their lletz, if this is normal or whether I need to go to my GP? 

I would have thought this is due to the lletz for some reason, but any personal experiences or advice would be appreciated! 


I had my first treatment 16ish years ago and my periods where all over the place, to the point I actually thought I was on my period started taking my pill again and then it turned I wasn't and now I have a nearly 15 year old to show for it! ?

Oh wow ? well I'm pleased to hear that i'm not the only one! I just want to make sure it's normal, they don't really tell you too much about what to expect after you've had the treatment! I'll keep an eye on it and see if it carries on, it's more an annoyance than anything! 

If anyone else has had similar experiences then I would love to hear ☺️