Periods after treatment? Bleeding and worried.

Hello everyone,

I’m after some advice and trying not to worry. I had my results 27th January to say that there were no signs left of the cancer. I’m now on HRT. I had chemo and radio, along woth brachy to treat the cancer.

Over the weekend I’ve been experiencing what have felt like very strong period pains. My Dr said that I wouldn’t have periods because of the treatment. However, I’ve now started bleeding down there as well, it seems like a period. Is this normal? I was told I wouldn’t have them again and haven’t since before treatment.


Speak to your doctor you may have an infection or something which maybe causing the bleeding. I've had a bit of pink blood when I've been for a wee but I've got a water infection xx

Hi Hani


How are you? just wanted to send a hug. If you haven't done definitely speak to your consultant and maybe go to your GP doctors as well. Xxx

Hi guys,

Thinks got much worse and I was admitted to hospital on Tuesday for severe pain and I was bleeding an awful lot. After tests all week I've been taken off HRT as I've had a bad reaction to it. I might be having a procedure to remove the lining of my womb as it's still intact!


My GP is speaking to my consultant to decide what to do whilst I take a break from it. They're unsure of some of the hrt treatments because of me only being 26.


Thanks for advice ansuch ladies, hopefully get there soon!



Oh you poor thing :-(

Hoping they get to the bottom of it really soon for you Hani and you can start to move forward


Be lucky :-)