periods after radical trachelectomy


I am hoping anyone can help. I had radical trachelectomy on Wednesday 21st Jan so its now been 12 days since my op. I hadn't experienced much bleeding until the other night when I started to get very bad menstrual craps and the bleeding has got alot more heavy like my period. I just want to check if it is possible to have a period so soon after surgery? I have looked at the dates and I would have actually been due on period this week anyway. 


Hi there… Yes it is… My periods continued and they’re like clockwork … Though a little lighter than before! :slight_smile:
Hope you’re doing ok post op xx

Thanks for coming back to me :).

Doing okay thank you taking each day as it comes thats all I can do I think :).


Hi there, I know this is probably a little late, but just wanted to let you know I had the same... my period arrived (I was amazed) 28 days after the previous one and I'd had my trachelectomy in between!  Good luck with your recovery xxx