Periods 8 months after LLETZ

Hi i had lletz Treatment for CIN2 in april 2022.
Biopsy came back 6 weeks later all fine n removed.
My periods have always been a bit uncomfortable but had kind of stabilised the older i got.
After treatment i bled heavily for about 5 weeks.
Now in the last few months it seems im having a week of brown(light bleeding) followed by a day or 2 of extremely heavy red bleeding(can feel it constantly flowing out) n then tapering off lighter for the last few days.
All in all lasting around 12 days.
I had my test of cure 12th nov and told her all this(also id spotted after sex). The nurse said she will request they check for cell changes even if it was to come back hpv negative.
Not had that back yet.
Do u think the lletz has messed by periods up or is something else possibly going on.
I have a mild bladder prolapse aswell.

I’m having something which sounds similar. Mine appears to be caused by stenosis following the lletz treatment which is not allowing all of my period blood to flow out effectively. I get some dark brown blood which is the old period blood which has been trapped and taken longer to exit. I’ve recently had cervical dilation to try to open up the cervix again to improve this. Could this be the problem with you?

Thanks Dreamland its definately worth looking into.
How long ago did u have your lletz?
Do you only get the brown bleed now?
I have the brown light bleeding for a good week before what i call the real period starts its really strange.
Its definitely down to the lletz, my periods have always been a bit irregular ect(i have polycystic ovaries) but it was normal for me now im just out of sinc.
I had to leave work earlier today due to the bleeding its so heavy can constantly feel it coming out (tmi - lots of clots ect)

I had the lletz 18 months ago but this has been troubling me for about a year so I started to notice it about 6 months after the lletz treatment. I now get a relatively normal period of bright red blood, then another bleed of brown blood about half way through the month. I believe the brown blood is the rest of my period which has been trapped and so not left my body at the normal time. Period blood becomes darker if it is old blood. I had the dilation this week. The consultant said to give it two months to see if it has improved things, if not they with do another dilation under general anesthetic. I hope you get an answer to yours. X